Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birth of a new blog

It may have been like when you take care of a friend's pet for a week-end: you get used to it and eventually want to have your own. I had run a familial blog for one year, when we all left Rennes to Princeton, but we went back home, and left Rennes again to Paris. So this old blog I cherish couldn't really host the sequel of our adventures. I am not sure I am willing to discuss that kind of adventures publicly neither. It's okay to chat about your life when your 6000km away, but it's slightly more problematic when you live next to the one you would chat about.

So I needed fresh ideas, for a fresh blog, and today, here it is !

So what will this blog be about ?

Sorry for some of you, primarily math.

But I will probably use it to store some computer tricks (the kind of recipes you don't want
to forget but have no convenient place to keep in).

And I'll certainly talk about music too. In fact, finding a title for this blog has been a sad experience.
The first three names I tried were already used, namely Garden of Eden, Lost in a Dream and Mumbo Jumbo. These are three beautiful songs of the revered drummer Paul Motian — a musical poet among all. The New York Times said of him he was a “composer of grace and abstraction”. The fourth try has been taken from a Eddie Harris song I know from a duet by Motian and Enrico Pieranunzi, Freedom Jazz Dance; it lead to the actual title of this new blog.

I hope this title convey the kind of things I want to discuss here, the way I expect to discuss it: freely, as a math dance.

In fact, and this was not intended, this title reminds me of the envoi of a beautiful collective small book on transcendental number theory : et que commence la transe en danse !

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